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Courses and Events 2019

Old Sleningford offers a superb venue for courses and events. Its quiet, rural location with facilities both inside and out makes it ideal for any activity to take place.

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If you would like to use the facilities at Old Sleningford Farm to run a course then please contact us to discuss further.

We have a workday on the first Sunday of every month, see the Workdays page for details of dates and times and an idea of the jobs we might be tackling. 

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Sausage Making - Saturday 9th February 2019

A fun day learning how to make different flavoured sausages for cooking and salami.

£50 per person, includes lunch and sausages to take home 

10am to 4pm 

Curing and Smoking Food - Sunday 10th February 2019

 Wet and dry curing, hot and cold smoking - come and learn the different techniques for adding flavour and preserving meat, fish, nuts and more

£60 per person, includes lunch and lots of tastings

10am to 3pm 

To enquire and book a place on either of the above courses, please use the contact us page

Birdsong Spectacular - Saturday 4th May 2019 

If you’ve always wanted to learn birdsong then this is the day for you. Birdsong is at its peak in May with both resident and migrant birds singing. On this full day workshop, you’ll spend a half day in the classroom learning about this amazing phenomenon along with some common bird songs. You’ll also learn some useful tools and tips which can be practised in the afternoon session.  

Here’s what you’ll learn on the session

· how and why birds sing

· how birds are able to make complex sounds for long periods while, seemingly, not taking a breath.

· the difference between songs and calls

· what calls are and what they are used for

· a few common bird songs to get you started

· useful tools and tips for learning birdsong at home

You’ll also receive a handout to support the session which includes a list of the best resources available, some of which will be used on the day. A list of birds seen and heard in the afternoon session will be provided after the course.

Your birdsong spectacular includes a lovely home-made lunch at Old Sleningford Farm and refreshments on arrival and during the day.

Beginners and experienced birdwatchers welcome

10am to 4pm 

Price for the session is £TBA

To book, email Linda Jenkinson   linda@startbirding.co.uk

For more information, visit   www.startbirding.co.uk/events

Introductory Alexander Technique Day Course - Saturday 18th May 2019

Are you worried about your posture and don’t know how to improve it? Are you stressed and nothing seems to help? Do you get backache sitting at a laptop or neck ache using a mobile but don’t know how to sort out the problem ?

Then come along to an Introductory Alexander Technique Day Course with Hilary Cook and learn how the Technique can help you become aware of your habits which are interfering with your natural effortless way of moving alleviating pain and stress. The Alexander Technique can be used by everyone of all ages in any activity from walking, singing, acting, running, sitting, standing.

We will look at the Principles of the Alexander Technique in a practical and experiential way helping you to improve your posture, de-stress, ease back ache as well as moving with less effort and tension. The workshop will be related to everyday activities. It is suitable for beginners as well as teachers and students of the Alexander Technique.

10am to 4pm

Cost: £55 per person including lunch and refreshments

To book please contact Hilary Cook MSTAT

Email: teacher@hilarycookat.co.uk

Tel. 01748 824160

Mob. 07941 526662

www.hilarycookAT.co.uk  @HCAlexanderTechnique


Art Courses at Old Slen Art

There is a varied programme of art courses at the Stables Gallery at Old Sleningford Hall. See their website www.oldslen.co.uk for more details.